Ethical, sustainable care
for a happier, healthier world

Our Vision

Ethical, sustainable care for a happier, healthier world.

Our ultimate vision is to bring about "Ethical, sustainable care for a happier, healthier world." Ultimately, this will be delivered through a global network of HelpStreet Villages - community-focused, accessible and affordable integrated care communities in the form of vertical villages.

These villages will offer a unique and diverse way of living – by integrating essential Care services such as: acute care, aged care and assisted living, child care and social services, as well as primary and allied health care services such as Physiotherapy and Podiatry clinics, exercise classes, pharmacies, G.P. practices and much, much more.

The key to these villages will be to offer all of these services in one place alongside, and in association with, community backbones such as supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, hair-dressers and retailers - built around vibrant courtyards, community gardens, art galleries and small local businesses – creating and running their own renewable energy sources and self-sufficient agriculture.

By integrating all the components of a community in one vertical space, with courtyards, gardens, music, art and culture, we can bring back a real sense of community, one that can take care of you throughout your life. To do this ethically and sustainably, HelpStreet will undertake an urban revolution! Rejuvenating and renovating existing buildings and urban spaces, using sustainable and environmentally friendly building products and methods to inject life back into dilapidated and neglected parts of the Community.

If you are interested in being a part of this revolution you can find more information on how you can get involved on our Investment and Acquisition page.

We are HelpStreet: Your Global Care Community.

Our Values

Our values support our vision and inform everything we do:

  • Ethical – We believe in providing care-focused, evidence-based, proactive and preventative care in a transparent and honest capacity.
  • Sustainable – Both commercially and environmentally, we believe in keeping our costs down, as well as being committed to using sustainable products and methods to reduce our carbon footprint for a happier, healthier world. This includes low cost and “No Gap” treatments in our Medical centres and reducing, reusing and recycling buildings, materials, energy and resources wherever possible.
  • Balance – Is essential for success in everything that we do.
  • Passion – Passion –This is fuelled by the togetherness of Community, by raising awareness and by the sharing of our knowledge. HelpStreet is for a brighter future - together.
  • Education – Education is one of the key foundations of our vision. Through education comes development, understanding, acceptance and opportunity. By partnering with foundations who support or share in our vision, and by supporting and contributing to our staffs’ continued professional development, we ensure the dissemination of knowledge paving the way to challenge perceptions and attitudes towards the sick, disabled and elderly.
  • Technology – Simplicity through innovation. Technology is making the world smaller, bringing people together and creating opportunities for a smarter approach to Global care. We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is currently available and progressively developing better ways to deliver on our vision.
  • Culture – Culture is the glue that binds everything together. Here at HelpStreet, we take a family approach. We really look after our staff and promote unity in the community! We like to be as flexible as possible, and build supportive and reliable teams where we can all share our passion and values.

Investments and Acquisitions

For our Villages to happen, we need to facilitate Change. We need to create an urban revolution – and to do this, we are looking for investment and acquisition opportunities from local Businesses, Councils, Property managers and private investors. If you want to get involved, please get in touch.

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